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Михаил Константинович ПОПОВ родился в 1947 году  в деревне Пертема на берегу реки Онеги.
Окончил Ленинградский государственный университет, факультет журналистики.
Работал слесарем-монтажником на подводных лодках, лаборантом-ультразвуковиком заводской лаборатории (предприятие «Звёздочка», г. Северодвинск); трудился в геологоразведке на Северном Тимане; профессиональным рыбаком в Прибалтике; служил в армии на Волге. За плечами Михаила Попова полдюжины газет различного уровня, включая республиканскую, в которых он прошёл все ступени профессионального и карьерного роста; был создателем и редактором литературного альманаха «Белый пароход», редактором альманаха «Красная пристань». Сейчас главный редактор литературного журнала «Двина».
Автор двух десятков книг, в том числе прозы, публицистики, по литературоведению, изданий для детей и юношества. Его произведения переведены на основные скандинавские языки, а также на английский. Фрагмент одной из повестей экранизирован.
Михаил Попов – лауреат ряда премий:

. областной литературной им. Ф. А. Абрамова (1995),
. Всероссийской литературной им. Б. В. Шергина (2005),
. Всероссийской литературной им. И. А. Гончарова (2007),
. Международной премии им. М. А. Шолохова (2008).



Mikhail Popov – an Arkhangelsk prose writer

Mikhail Popov (1947) is a Northerner, he was born on the bank of the Onega river. He is  the author of more than ten books . He is a member of the Russian Union of Writers.

His short novel “ The Last Cartridge”  was  noted  by Viktor Astafjev in the “Literature Newspaper”. This work was published several times and has been translated into English, Swedish  and Finish.

The extract from the short novel “The Tree of 1942” has been screened and the film with the same title was shown on the central TV.

For the short novel “ Men’s Dreams on the Coast of the Ocean” the author was awarded to the first prize named after Feydor Abramov.

One year and a half ago ,by the 50th anniversary of Mikhail Popov, the book of selected works “Men’s Dream on the Coast of the Ocean” was published, the size of the book is 700 pages. It includes stories, short novels and novels.

The action of the short novel “Men’s Dreams on the Coast of the Ocean” takes place on a polar drilling rig and in a settlement of explorers. The main hero  is a men, who has served his sentence from his youth for manslaughter. A hard and sometimes painful return to life is taking place. Love and hatred, devotion and betrayal – are very close to each other in life. There is no happy end in this story, but the final is optimistic. (The short novel was noted in the magazine “Moscow” No. 4 1994)

A short  trilogy is about our hapless peasants . It includes the following  works:

–    The artistic- documentary  story “The Nestling of the  Ruined Nest” / the thirties years / – is a tragedy of one family from the Don river, which was exiled to the North.;
–    The short novel “   A Negro – A Black Bull” / the fifties years/ – is a very sad story of a disabled veteran and a very strong bull- a symbol of a people’s power, which  are destroyed by a pitiless state machine;
–    The short novel “ The Last Cartridge”  / the beginning of the ninetieths/ –  a story of a major, who was in Afghanistan and who returned to his native places – to a “ dying , unpromising” village.
He tried  to restore it to life but he perished there.
–    The shor novel “ KARE, or a concert for lonely voice”.
This is a story about one group of people in the sixties. KARE – is the initials  of four friends. Their youth was started happily , but their loves and dreams were  destroyed by the fate : August of 1968- Czechoslovakia, the Eastern border, Daman peninsula, an emergency sector of a nuclear submarine- these are the stages of their fates.
The short novel “ Slavic funeral feast”. The period of action is the eve of the 50th anniversary of   the Victory. In the suburb of  Branderburg, the place of the Russian tank military unit  location , which is preparing to leave for  Russia, they found the remains of the Russian soldier perished in 1945. Three persons  from Russia, from the Northern region, where the soldier  was sent to the war from, set off  for their journey  to take ashes of the soldier. They are – the officer from the  military registration and enlistment office, the journalist  and the son of the soldier Ivan, who is 50 years old and who is dumb.
Their way  was  through  Beulorussia  , Ukrain, Moscow. Sometimes there were  very dangerous meetings/ situations on the roads of the  separated country . The country for independence of  which the soldier gave up his life . There were discoveries and disappointments , the realism of the modern village.
These  meanings are the basis of the novel.
It is worth to mention, that the work “Slavic funeral feast” has been included in the list of works proposed for the literary prize “BOOKER- 1998”.

The novel-parable “Fire mark , or The Trace of the Hopeless Soul” – is a drama of love and hatred. It is based on the relations between two stepbrothers  and a woman, whom they love. This is one side of the novel. There is another one. The soul, which lost its “master”-the main hero of the novel- is trying to find the source of evil, which results in the death of the hero. The search  of the source is  conducted in space/ from Polar latitude up to Palestine/ and in time  / from nowadays  up to  Christian times/.
Travelling through times, passing through different epochs, the soul meet ancestors of the brother-antipode everywhere, who brought the main hero to his death. The search brought us  to Bible times. The final part of the novel takes place in the day of Christ execution and during the week after.

Mikhail Popov writes for children a lot. Some of  his books have been illustrated  by himself.

The latest book for children  is a short novel “Birch bark story , or adventures of   the boy Onfim”
It is a historical work. The action takes place in the first third of XIII century. The place of action is  the Russian North, to be more precise – the upper Onega district. A young   hero , the main person of the novel  finds himself in different, dangerous situations. He feels fear and disappointment. However, his love to father and mother , his sense of  duty helps the boy to stand all tests . The book jacket and illustration have been made by the author.

A new book of Mikhail Popov is called “ The Hour of a  Mouse, or 100 Years Before a Dawn” . It is based on  the novel with the same title. The place of action is  the Russian North, the  period – after Apocalypse. Fiction?  It is not  exactly so. It is more like futurology .

After a global catastrophe –  the prerequisites for it are in our time and which are introduced by the author in “ not obligatory prologue”- a handful of people who managed to survive , found a shelter in Pinega caves.
They are people of different nationalities, who have been brought there by evil fate, including a Lapp boy.
In this shelter , we meet the main heroes of the novel, a woman Maria and her son Kai, who were also brought there by the devil circumstances and who survived during the catastrophe in  an underground shelter -bunker. Having lost ‘” a relative paradise” the mother and her son are trying to  familiarize with the social outcasts. But there is no life for them there. All human beings , including  them   are threatened with complete  destruction. It is lead by the global technical brain, which has embodied all dark forces and which captured the power on the Earth.
There are two options – to submit or to resist. The young Kai  has chosen the path of a  war. He is inspired by his mother, by social outcasts, who have become very close to him, by his love and by the life, which has just started there.

The author does not want to impose his view on future . He is not trying to threaten us. He is pushed by anxiety. He is worrying about  his main heroes- people of the near future , telling us about them with  all his cordiality. The author is trying to  describe his own  feelings and to receive a response .It is not an ephemeral evil. And  behavior  of people, living nowadays- their egoism, vanity, bungling ….- it can lead our  descendants to troubles  unknown before.

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